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Using LESS

This file provide Less css files, You can compiled the less to css files with lessphp, it provides the following mechanisms: variables, nesting, mixins, operators and functions.

We make the less files as Bootstrap way. you can config the variables in one place, like colors: @brand-primary, @brand-success, @border-color. and you can get the unlimited colors for your application.

Less is More

Application Layout

We provide .hbox and .vbox to create the application layout. it let you create complicated layout as you want.

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Rich Components & Widgets

We create many components and widgets for your real application, we provide 8 default color palettes for you to create the colorful components.

  • 369 Fontawesome icons
  • +30 Jquery Components
  • Application pages

Backbone Notes with Mysql & RESTful API

We built a Backbone Note application for your inspiration, It supports local storage and mysql data save. We also created a RESTful api to Get, Post, Put and Delete the data.

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